Custom Rugs

Step 1: Inspiration and Measurements

A) Provide us with any and all materials, in forms of pictures, fabrics, sketches etc. related to what you want in your custom rug.
B) Bring us your size requirements and pictures of your room and floor plans.


Step 2: Design and Rendering

A) Our designer will facilitate the conceptualization and interpretation of your ideas and samples to create your personalized and unique custom rug.
B) Our design team will work with you in selecting the size, color and material options with the use of wool or silk sample poms to coordinate with the materials submitted.
C) A digital or hand rendering will be completed for you to see exactly how the finished product will look.


Step 3: Strike-Off Approval

A) A 'strike-off' (small sample) will be ordered to be used as a template for assessment. This usually takes approximately four (4) weeks. The 'strike off' is examined and if necessary, revisions can be made.


Step 4: Delivery and Installation

A) Upon final design approval, your full sized rug is ordered.
B) Regular updates will be given to keep you in the loop in regards to when your rug shall be done. Delivery time on custom work is approximately three to six months.
C) The finished rug is delivered and professionally installed.


Custom Carpets

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