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With one of the biggest selection in premium handwoven carpets available in Canada, we are equipped with the inventory and the expertise to confidently meet the needs for your projects. From pre-selecting the perfect area rug for your room till the woven finished product, we will be by your side every step of the way.

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To help expedite the process, we suggest you bring the following when visiting any of our showrooms:

On-Site Visit

Whether you're starting with an empty room or it's already furnished, we can ground your room with the right area rug. Simply contact us and let us know your current situation and one of our design consultants will review the needs. We'll take photos and room measurements and assess the best options for you.


Electronic Visit

If you are outsidethe Greater Toronto area or just can't find the time, you can either email us or ship a package with the essentials of your room(s). Based on your information, a pre-selection of carpets is determine for your space. From there, a scheduled appointment for you and your clients to view the area rug in person. In some cases, if the image allows us to, we can render a preselected carpet super-imposed in your space.


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